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Embroidered business names and company logos on workwear will help to maintain your professional image. These are embroidered with the utmost care and attention to detail to create a good and lasting impression of your business for your customers and potential customers.

Please note that this section will be updated shortly -
There is a large range of Mens Clothing - workwear as well as office wear, and a range of  Womens blouses and fleeces at present although these will be added to in the future. Please give us a call if you do not see any items you may require and we will do our best to help you.   We offer a large amount of Companies we deal with which gives you a greater choice of clothing and accessories e.g. Addidas, BagBase, Beechfield, Best in Town, Dickies, Front Row, Fruit of the Loom, Gildan, Hanes, Henbury,  Kariban, Kustom Kit, Larkwood, Maddins, Mumbles, Premier, Regatta, Result, RTY High Visibility, RTY Workwear, Russell Collection, Russell Workwear and Slazenger.  We can get other makes should you require them. 

If you are interested in a name or logo embroidered on any personal or business clothing, please give us a ring and we will be pleased to discuss any thoughts, ideas or requirements you may have. If you would like to proceed after our discussion,  for text only is free and our set up charges for logos start from approximately £10 for the simplest of designs to approximately £20 plus. This is dependent upon the size and complexity of the design, which includes, the designing, making up samples (both stitched out and printed) and either meeting or sending them to you from which you can make your choice.  The designs are then kept on file for future use eliminating any set up charge for repeat orders.  We then charge approximately £4.50 per item for the embroidery depending again upon the complexity of the logo and how much embroidery is involved.

Whilst embroidering a logo on a shirt with pockets, please note that a small logo fits nicely above the pocket (see Examples - Tendercare on the drop down menu above).

The cost of the garment does not include the price of the embroidery as we do supply plain garments to some of our customers.

Please contact us for prices as discounts are available for larger quantities, regular customers etc. and we will work these out for you on an individual basis.  We are happy to give you a quote on however large or small your order. The cost of postage and packing varies as every order is different and worked out separately.

Please click on Examples on the drop down menu above to see a few samples of names and logos we have embroidered on garments recently.

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