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We make a variety of different style cotton bears, any of which can be personalised with names and dates to celebrate a special occasion, e.g birth, birthdays, weddings etc. 

We make bears to suit you or a child in your own fabrics e.g. send me a bundle of outgrown clothes and I will make a bear from these or choose a colour and I will make you one from a choice of our own fabrics.

Choose one of our ready made bears which we make in 100% cotton and all have a washable good quality filling.  Our own family of bears alters and grows quite regularly as they sell very well for adults who love them to co-ordinate with some rooms in their homes as well as for children.  They are made in a variety of plain and printed cotton fabrics either as an all over design or a patchwork design. 

One of the bear designs we use comes in 3 sizes -
Large - approximately 20", Medium - approximately 18" and Small approximately 16".  The colour combinations are endless.

Another design is a sitting bear whose feet and arms point inwards which is very cute and these are approximately 16".

We also make cotton or fleece bears for younger children with embroidered or felt features and tiny bears small enough for a baby's fingers to hold.

If you do not see the size and colour combination from our ready made family of bears which you would like, please give us a ring to discuss this and we will happily make one for you in a colour combination of your choice.  We can also personalise your bear with names, or short messages on a bib around the bears neck or maybe on a jacket.

There is always something magical about a teddy bear whether its for a bear lover, the young or young at heart. May be it is the expression on their faces, the colours or the ability to comfort and give security when needed, who knows what it is that captures our hearts. 

Why not brighten up someones day with a cute and cuddly bear chosen specially for them in their own favourite colours, we are sure they will love him/her as much as our previous customers have loved theirs.  

BENSON.  Although he is part of the Mumbles Collection of Bears and we have not made him, we have  just added a medium sized very cute fur bear with a small clip in his hand.  He can be useful for displaying anything which will fit into a small clip.  A picture of him carrying a  pen can be seen in our  Gifts Section or as we have used him to display one of our Ruby Wedding Anniversary Cards (as seen in Greetings Cards, Wedding Anniversary Ruby Teddy).

In the future we may add a few more furry friends to our collection.

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